100Mbps internet speeds now in Fort Stockton, TX

Faster internet speeds create more opportunity for residents to work, play online.
downloadA 100Mbps (megabits per second) internet service launch from TDS® means customers can work faster online, telecommute and take more online classes.  It also means they can download movies, television shows, music and video games at faster rates. 

“Now, Fort Stockton has 100Mbps! Leaps and bounds above the national average,” said Shane West, vice president of Marketing and Product Development for TDS.

The average worldwide internet speed is 5.1Mbps, according to a report from PC News. In the United States the average internet speed is 12.6Mbps.

“These faster speeds will be a real timesaver for TDS customers,” said West.

TDS has invested and will continue to invest in our network to provide faster internet speeds to our customers. “Those improvements have paved the way for this 100Mbps upgrades,” West said.

In October, TDS customers in Fort Stockton went all-digital. TDS business customers can expect new internet tiers in 2017.

Customers interested in learning more about TDS’ and its faster speeds should call toll free 855-696-8368 or visit

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