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iN Demand pay-per-view movies end May 31

On May 31, TDS’ pay-per-view content provider, iN Demand, will stop offering movies on TDS cable. The company will continue to offer other pay-per-view content, including events and Spanish-language programming. The number of available pay-per-view movie channels available varies depending… (Continue Reading)


Watch STARZ on the go!

STARZ, the home of hit period pieces such as Outlander and Black Sails, is getting a new look. First, STARZ Play, the network’s mobile app, will now simply be known as STARZ. Also, STARZ has rebranded its sister network, ENCORE,… (Continue Reading)

Don’t watch Game of Thrones alone

Unless you’ve been living way out in the farthest reaches of the Red Waste, you probably know that the sixth season of Game of Thrones will premiere Sunday night on HBO (which happens to be available as a free preview… (Continue Reading)