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Last chance for Showtime offer!

Deals just don’t get much better than this. You can now add Showtime® to your TDS® channel lineup for just $6.95 a month. That’s almost 75% off Showtime’s regular rate! But hurry, the offer ends July 31. Sign up now… (Continue Reading)


Analog reclamation: What you need to know

We’re upgrading to all-digital service in our cable markets using a process called analog reclamation. We’ve mailed notices to your home about this conversation. Once again, here’s what’s happening: Let’s start with the basics– What is analog reclamation? Analog reclamation,… (Continue Reading)

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Kids spends how much time online?

How much time do you think your kids spend using media everyday—Three hours? Five hours? Try NINE. According to some recent research, no joke, kids ages 8-18 spend about nine hours using media on any given day (more than they… (Continue Reading)


How to Optimize Your Wireless Signal

Wireless internet lets you watch or browse from anywhere…as long as your Wi-Fi network works well. Because Wi-Fi depends on radio waves from your wireless modem, anything that or blocks or interferes with those waves could mean trouble for your… (Continue Reading)


Pac-12 programming changes

A big fan of Pac-12 sports? Then this is big news! Effective July 26, Pac-12 National Network will be more accessible when it moves from the Sports Tier package into Digital Family, Full Basic, or Full Basic HD Tier, depending… (Continue Reading)