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A guide to TDS online bill pay

TDS Online Bill Pay is the fast, free, and easy way to view and pay your bill. Let’s face it; paying bills online has become the norm. Here are some advantages to paying online: Automatic bill payments means there’s no… (Continue Reading)


Earth Day: Inspired 50 years ago

After witnessing the aftermath of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, former U.S. Senator and Wisconsin native Gaylord Nelson hosted the first Earth Day in 1970.At the time, the Santa Barbara oil spill was the largest oil spill in the… (Continue Reading)


Full Speed Ahead ad campaign launched

Check out this fun, fast-paced, new 30-second commercial that began airing April 1 in TDS Cable markets on cross-channel TV, in movie theaters and online. The new Full Speed Ahead campaign builds on the 2018 TDS Cable mass media… (Continue Reading)