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FTC: Watch out for tax identity theft

‘Tis the season when the tidings come in envelopes stamped “Important Tax Return Document Enclosed.” Yes, it’s tax filing season, and the season’s Grinches are the tax identity thieves and government imposters who are hoping to steal your money. Tax… (Continue Reading)


4 incredibly romantic TDS communities

Valentine’s Day is almost here! While the holiday has long been associated with flowers, fancy dinners, and chocolates, what it’s really about is taking time to enjoy the company of your sweetheart. Luckily, several market areas TDS serves make for… (Continue Reading)


2020 Oscar predictions

The Academy seems to continue to create its own controversy. After criticism about a lack of female and people of color representation in the nominations, there seemed to be an improvement over the past few years. This year’s nominees, however,… (Continue Reading)