Archive | July, 2020

TDS_CMYK email log in has changed

If you visit to log in to your TDS® email, you’ve probably noticed the top of the page has been redesigned! It’s now sleeker and less cluttered. Part of the redesign included adding a new envelope icon. This is… (Continue Reading)


Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30

If you are 45 or older, you probably remember a time when there were no wheelchair ramps on the streets or in buildings, and when buses, trains, and bathrooms were not accessible to people with limited physical mobility. Thanks to… (Continue Reading)


Shark Week kicks off Aug. 9

A global pandemic won’t slow down one of nature’s fiercest predators. The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week will launch its eight-day event, dedicated to all things shark, on Aug. 9. The network promises more than 20 hours of new programming during… (Continue Reading)