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Reminders about Data Privacy

With today’s technology, keeping your private information safe can be quite a challenge. No matter what you do online, whether it’s using social media sites, banking, shopping, gaming, or streaming, your personal information may be used in ways that you… (Continue Reading)


TDS retail offices ‘freshened up’

As TDS has grown and evolved, the time was right to give the retail offices in our cable communities a fresh new look. Retail offices in St. George, Cedar City, Mesquite, Alamogordo, Arvada, Woodland Park, and Estes Park have all… (Continue Reading)

Does your business need a digital upgrade?

Over the past few decades as technology has advanced at a rapid rate, businesses have learned to adapt digitally, out of necessity to remain relevant and provide the best service possible. This undertaking by businesses to stay up-to-speed with technological… (Continue Reading)


Target for new COVID scam: Small business owners

There’s a new coronavirus-related scam making the rounds, but this time the crooks are targeting small businesses. It starts with an email that claims to come from the “Small Business Administration Office of Disaster Assistance.” It says you’re eligible for… (Continue Reading)