Free Preview Month of World Fishing Network

There’s something FINtastic about the World Fishing Network and now you can angle your way for a free month in May.

The World Fishing Network covers fishing tips, lures and baits to attract your favorite fish, fishing hotspots, tasty recipes, species finder and more—including programming for any outdoor enthusiast. The network covers every aspect of angling and sport fishing news, gear reviews and shows about fishing in all parts of the world.  You’ll find more than 125 shows listed in the lineup.

Options range from Big Bass Battle, Guided with Mark Melnyk, Lindner’s Angling Edge, Reel Bragging Rights and even Kayak Bassin‘.

The free preview runs from May 1-31 in both High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD). Check out The World Fishing Network on these channels in the following TDS cable markets:

Colorado – Channel 275 (HD) and Channel 525 (SD)

Nevada — Channel 175 (HD) and Channel 275 (SD)

New Mexico – Channel 275 (HD) and Channel 525 (SD)
Truth or Consequences – Channel 175 (HD) and Channel 275 (SD)

Texas — Channel 275 (HD) and Channel 525 (SD)

St. George – Channel 175 (HD) and Channel 275 (SD)

The World Fishing Network is not available in Cedar City, Utah, and Socorro, New Mexico

Normally these channels are available exclusively for Sports Tier subscribers, but now everyone can watch it for free for a limited time. After you fall in love with the programming, give us a call at 1-855-696-8368 or visit to add the Sports Tier to your TDS lineup.

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