Watch the 2022 Winter Olympics on TDS TV

The Winter Olympics begin this week, with the Opening Ceremony on Friday, Feb. 4. You can cheer on local athletes and watch the action on TDS TV!

Find the best highlights from your sports with the 2022 Winter Olympics app.

Catch up on the unforgettable gold medal moments with the 2022 Winter Olympics App.

Want to know when your favorite sports are airing? Check out the schedule page on the 2022 Winter Olympics app.

Choose your favorite sports and personalize your 2022 Winter Olympics watching schedule on

NBC will stream every Beijing event live on Peacock’s premium tier, in addition to airing coverage across the NBC broadcast network, USA Network and CNBC cable networks, website and NBC sports app. It will also offer a customized schedule on, and air on-screen cues during studio segments that remind viewers what’s coming up.

NBCUniversal is opening up the streaming throttle on its Olympics coverage, making all coverage of the Beijing Winter Games in February available on Peacock’s premium tier.

NBCU will deliver live competition in 15 sports on Peacock, in addition to the opening and closing ceremonies. The games are scheduled to run from Feb. 3-20.

For information on TDS TV options and to subscribe, visit TDS TV+ Programming & Packages | TDS ( 2022 Winter Olympics start on Feb. 3 on NBC—and you can start enjoying Olympic content today by downloading the 2022 Winter Olympics app on your TDS TV+ set-top box!

The app is available to download now!

Need help downloading the app?

  • Access Apps & Games from the Home screen, OR, depending on your remote or set-top box:
    Press and hold the TiVo button on your remote control. The App & Games screen will appear – OR –press the grid button if you have one on your remote. The app screen will appear.
  • From the Apps & Games screen, scroll down and select the Google Play Store.
  • Scroll to the magnifying glass icon to search for the 2022 Winter Olympics app. Select the app to add it and click on the install button.
  • Open the application and, if you need to sign in, use your TDS log-in credentials.

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