TDS now on Instagram!

TDS officially launched a new social media site—Instagram. The page will give both customers and employees a chance to see all things TDS; including, the beautiful communities TDS serves, company events, and more!

Although Instagram has been around since 2010, it has recently become a more widely used social platform for businesses. It’s projected that over 70 percent of brands will be on Instagram by the end of 2017 and TDS will be right there with them. Instagram users tend to be younger, so this platform will allow TDS to raise brand awareness to users who will grow into our target demographic.

TDS currently manages 13 social media sites, 5 blogs and 27 Yelp sites and now one Instagram. Social media platforms have become a great way for TDS to connect with customers while promoting our business and company values. Different strategies are used for each social media platform. Twitter gets real-time information to customers in only 160 characters through an always-updated feed. Facebook is a great way to share articles, photos, and longer text with heavy customer interaction. Instagram connects users with primarily through the use of visual appeal.

We will be sharing photos of the beautiful markets we serve, company events, and more. TDS needs your help to generate photo content. If you have a photo to share, send it to or share it in the Yammer Photography Club. Thank you to everyone who has already shared photos to the Yammer page, it’s great to see the amazing photos taken by our TDS employees!

What kind of photos are we looking for?Instagram1.jpg

  • Photos on Instagram have to be eye-catching. Landscape and nature photos do very well on the platform.
  • Photos should be high-quality. Photos at events, especially philanthropic ones, are great but need to be free of clutter.
  • If the TDS logo is included, it should be up-to-date and never modified from brand standards. Tip: logos look great when they’re not the star of the photo, but rather a detail.

Photo taking tips

  1. Make sure the camera (or phone) is focused. If using the zoom feature, make sure the photo stays clear and in focus.
  2. Rule of Thirds – When taking photos, imagine there a 3×3 grid on the photo. The main subject should fall on the lines. See below for an example.
  3. Experiment with different angles.
  4. Use natural light.
  5. If your photos include individuals, make sure they are okay with their photo being taken and posted to social media.

Here are a few examples of photos we will be sharing on the account.



Snow Canyon State Park on the edge of TDS’ market in Ivins, Utah.
Photo provided by
Full Wonder Photography

Be creative – we look forward to seeing the photos you take! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @tds_views. If you have any questions, please reach out Ann McGrail or Mary Mulcahy.

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