The horror is ending, Olympics are starting

We’re switching gears—well, channels—to something we think you’re really going to like.

You’ve had Chiller, a channel devoted to horror/thriller TV shows and movies for a while. Based on the viewership, however, it seems most of you aren’t big fans. We decided it was time to find something better for everyone. And you know what everyone loves? The Olympics!

Enter the Olympic Channel. Starting Oct. 17, you’ll find it on channel 199 in the Family Tier starting on Sept. 29.

The Olympic Channel is brand new and just started broadcasting here in the United States last month. Their tag line is “Where the Games Never End” and there’s a good reason for that. Now you can see all the things you enjoy about the Olympic games all.year.long.

Live sports, compelling stories, shows about Team USA athletes—you’ll find it all on the Olympic Channel.

Get to know the athletes as they advance in world competition in their pursuit of the 2018 Winter Olympics, held in PyeongChang, South Korea. Learn more about the newest sports (did you know that four new events were added to the Winter Olympics Games kicking off in February).  Watch coverage of events that are hard to find anywhere else (climbing and parachuting, to name just a few).

And this isn’t some fly-by-night, shaky-webcam coverage. The channel is a joint effort between the International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee and NBCUniversal which means you’ll get the great production values you’re used to.

It’s programming your whole family can watch together and enjoy together—and we sincerely hope you do!

The Winter Olympics start Feb. 9, so stay tuned for more about NBC’s coverage of those games.


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