Two FREE Previews of NFL RedZone Sundays –Sept. 8 and 15

Catch every touchdown from every game on Sunday afternoon with NFL RedZone. TDS subscribers will receive two, yes two, FREE preview Sundays – Sept. 8 and Sept. 15.

See up-to-the-minute fantasy stats, extended highlights and much more. NFL RedZone is the perfect fantasy companion, allowing you to improve your fantasy roster. NFL RedZone will take you from game to game so you never miss a moment.

The NFL RedZone is broadcast from the start of the 1 p.m. games (ET) to the end of the late afternoon games.

Here’s where to watch:

Colorado – Channel 267/521

Nevada – Channel 267/121

New Mexico – Channel 267/521

Texas – – Channel 267/521

Cedar City – Channel 126/626
St. George – Channel 267/121

The free preview is not available in Socorro, New Mexico.

Whether you’re a die-hard, a fantasy player, or just a fan of the game, NFL RedZone is for you. After you give it a try, call 855-696-8368 to add the Sports Tier to your subscription.


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