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Today is National Computer Security Day

National Computer Security Day was created in 1988, closely following an attack on ARPANET. That system was the predecessor of today’s internet and 10 percent of computers connected to ARPANET were harmed in that cyberattack. The day is designed to… (Continue Reading)


Donate safely this Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a great time to show your gratitude by donating to help others. But you don’t want to give money to a fake charity or scammer (any day of the week). Before you donate this Giving Tuesday ―… (Continue Reading)


How to spot and avoid common health scams

As a caregiver for a family member with special health needs, you know that shopping, making meals, or just regularly spending time with someone who can’t get out much can profoundly improve their quality of life. But being a caregiver… (Continue Reading)


TDS offers 1Gig Internet

The rollout of 1Gig internet speeds began in 2020 and over the next year TDS launched some of its fastest speeds throughout our cable communities. With more people working from home, many TDS customers have found faster speeds are necessary.… (Continue Reading)


Thanksgiving movies to watch this season

Everyone has their favorite Christmas movie, but what about Thanksgiving movies? So, if you find yourself too tired for cleaning dishes after your Thanksgiving meal, settle in and turn on one of these movies to make the holiday last just… (Continue Reading)


The low-down on high-speed internet

When selecting an internet service plan for your business, there’s a lot to consider and broadband jargon can be confusing. As a business owner, you know how important fast speeds and reliability are. Here is a quick rundown to help… (Continue Reading)


Pet adoption scams

As the holidays approach, scammers know that families are hearing about their kids’ NEED for a dog or cat. And scammers are ready to take advantage by offering up that perfect pet — for a fee. You’ll find ads offering… (Continue Reading)