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In-home TDS TV+ troubleshooting tips

Trying to fix something going on with your TDS TV®+ service? Although our repair team is always available, we wanted to pass along some quick troubleshooting tips and steps you can try right at home. No audio or video: If… (Continue Reading)


Tips and Tricks for Better Wi-Fi

If you are experiencing slow or inconsistent internet speeds in your home or business, it may surprise you but it may have nothing to do with your internet service from your provider. In fact, there are some easy things that… (Continue Reading)


How to effectively thank your customers this season

The season to be grateful for your customers is upon us! While showing customer appreciation is always important, the Thanksgiving season is great opportunity to show appreciation to your business’ customers for their patronage. Additionally, when customers feel valued, they… (Continue Reading)


FTC: Watch out for tax identity theft

‘Tis the season when the tidings come in envelopes stamped “Important Tax Return Document Enclosed.” Yes, it’s tax filing season, and the season’s Grinches are the tax identity thieves and government imposters who are hoping to steal your money. Tax… (Continue Reading)