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A home phone may be your lifeline

In an emergency, seconds matter. That’s why it’s good to have home phone service, even in today’s mobile world. Rescue crews can quickly find the address of a person calling 911 from a phone associated with a fixed location. The… (Continue Reading)


Five resume-writing tips

Writing a resume can be difficult especially when you’re looking to sum up your career in just a few bullet points and sentences?  Add that a recruiter or hiring manger spends an average of six seconds reading a resume, then… (Continue Reading)


Squatty Potty praises TDS

Founder and co-creator of Squatty Potty®, Bobby Edwards, credited TDS’ ability to scale with his company as they navigated the journey from starting their business in the garage, to a warehouse, to Shark Tank to becoming a “$30 million cult… (Continue Reading)


Five ways to spot a phishing scam

TDS continues to hear of instances of customers clicking on links in fraudulent e-mails. These are scams and are called “phishing” because cyber criminals try to lure you into their trap, often using a legitimate-looking emails, hoping you take the… (Continue Reading)