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Pay your student loans — not scammers

You’ve probably heard the news — federal student loan repayments are starting again in October. But scammers might try and tell you they can help you avoid repayment, lower your payments, or get your loans forgiven — for a price.… (Continue Reading)


TDS ranks near the top in gaming ISP

From Atari and Pong, which were released over 50 years ago, to Sony’s PlayStation, video games have played a significant role in our lives and culture since they were introduced. According to the latest data, there are approximately 3.09 billion… (Continue Reading)


Hollywood strikes impact TV’s fall lineup

Some of this season’s favorite shows are on hiatus and new releases are severely delayed. These changes are due to the ongoing Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and Writers Guild Association (WGA) strikes.… (Continue Reading)


Asked to wire money? Cut the cord

If someone asked you to mail them $200 in cash, would you do it? Probably not. Wiring money is just like sending cash in the mail. Once it’s gone, you probably won’t get it back — which explains why scammers… (Continue Reading)


Top 10 travel apps for your next trip

Heading on a big European adventure? Or trying to squeeze in a last-minute vacation before the school year takes over? No matter where you’re going, use your smartphone to your advantage. Travel apps can help keep your itinerary in check… (Continue Reading)