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The Rich History of TDS

1969-1974 TDS was born out of an affinity for rural and small town people of America. Telephone Systems, Inc. (TSI) was started with the purchase of 10 small-town Wisconsin telephone companies that LeRoy T. Carlson and a handful of others… (Continue Reading)


‘La La Land’ Receives 14 Oscar Nominations

Including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director, “La La Land” received 14 Oscar nominations this morning.  “La La Land” won the Golden Globe in every category in which it was nominated earlier this month. Since December, “La… (Continue Reading)


New year, time to update security

It’s a brand-spanking new year and it’s coming with fresh round of online security challenges. There are three new issues you should know about (and take action on), to keep your personal information safe: 1. Browser autofill scam. Scammers use… (Continue Reading)


Fox channels to not be interrupted

You’ll be happy to know that your Fox channels will not be interrupted. After much back and forth, TDS® and the Fox Networks reached acceptable terms that will keep Fox’s vast array of networks on the air for TDS customers.… (Continue Reading)