How to effectively thank your customers this season

The season to be grateful for your customers is upon us!

While showing customer appreciation is always important, the Thanksgiving season is great opportunity to show appreciation to your business’ customers for their patronage. Additionally, when customers feel valued, they are more willing to provide feedback and suggestions, helping your business identify areas of strength and things to improve on.

There are numerous ways your business can do this, both online and in person. Let’s cover some of the most effective ways you can show your appreciation to your customer base.

A recent example from our LinkedIn account, announcing a significant customer milestone in our Magic Valley, Idaho market.

1) Social Media Posts

The easiest—and perhaps most public—way to thank your customers is through social media. A simple post on your page or a reply to a patron’s comment can make a world of difference. Thanking customers on social media for your business milestones and achievements is another great way to remind your customers that you are thankful for their support.

Social media is also an avenue for direct communication with individual customers through direct messages (DMs) and comment sections. Your business can utilize these features to send personalized thank-you messages.

2) Giveaways and Discounts

Social media giveaways are an effective way to give back to your customers and build your online presence. Online giveaways that require someone to like, comment, and follow for each submission can give your social media page more followers and act as free advertising for your business. Additionally, it’s a great way to give your business positive publicity as one that gives back to its customers.

In-store discounts are another great way to incentivize people to shop at your business while giving back to your most loyal customers.

3) Interact with Positive Customer Reviews

Interacting with positive customer reviews can show that your business pays attention to feedback and incentivizes your customers to share their positive experiences. Additionally, it can help convince prospective customers to use your business when they are surveying review sites. Replying with something as short as “Thank you for the kind review!” is all it takes to have positive engagement and increase feelings of goodwill within your customer base.

An extension of this can be reposting customers social media posts to your own page, particularly if it praises your business. 75% of customer’s rely on social media to make purchasing decisions, so by sharing positive reviews on social media, you can potentially draw more patrons to your business. Additionally, this will incentivize your customers to share more of their positive experiences with your company in the future, while making them feel heard and appreciated!

 4) Follow-Ups and Check-Ins

After their purchase, follow up with customers to ensure they are satisfied and to address any potential issues. In small, strategic doses, check-ins can make customers feel cared for and valued.

5) Handwritten Notes and Gifts

Consider sending handwritten notes or small, thoughtful gifts on special occasions—such as birthdays or on anniversaries of a customer’s first purchase. Getting personal in the digital age can signal that you believe in personalized customer service, and handwritten notes enjoy an impressive 99% open rate!

By Will Chamblee, TDS Communications Intern

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