Maximize your business services by bundling with TDS!

Does your business currently rely on different vendors for your internet, business phone, and TV/video needs?

There’s a reason 84% of TDS’ high-speed internet customers bundle multiple services together. Not only is juggling multiple bills and dealing with several vendors for support time-consuming activities—your business is also lacking in several crucial areas. In addition to missing out on TDS’ exclusive discounted rates by bundling internet with another service, your business is also missing out on several performance and support-related benefits.

Here are three key reasons you should strongly consider bundling your essential business services with TDS!

Cost savings

With one provider and one bill, you can focus on your core business—not managing your internet, phone, and TV services. TDS’ bundled pricing also gives you a consistent, fixed monthly cost to help streamline your budget. Start saving today!

Single source for support

If your business relies on one vendor for internet and another for business phone services, there can be a huge issue of accountability if (and when) problems arise. That’s because the latest business phone solutions rely on stable high-speed internet service to function. One example are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services, which offer flexibility and a number of advanced features by using a high-speed internet connection to make calls. Much like a car needs fuel to function, these IP-enabled phone solutions need reliable internet to operate.

Let’s say you’re using a different provider for your voice and internet solutions, and your business suddenly experiences issues making and receiving calls. In these high-stress situations, there is often finger pointing and a lack of accountability between the two providers.

Consider this issue from the perspective of the internet provider. Since it’s an issue with the voice service, it’s common for the internet provider to simply say that they are providing you with the data that you are subscribed to receive, and that you should take it up with your phone provider. On the other hand, the voice vendor may likely place the blame on the internet provider, saying that it must be an issue related to routing, or that you aren’t receiving enough data.

One source for support will eliminate the finger pointing, increase the downtime for troubleshooting, and keep the provider accountable.

Improved quality

Not only will having one provider make paying bills and receiving support far easier—bundling services with TDS will also ensure the best overall network experience.

Going back to the relationship between high-speed internet and VoIP, TDS can put Quality of Service (QoS) guidelines on your voice traffic, ensuring crystal-clear phone calls around the clock. As your sole provider, TDS can prioritize your network’s voice packets over its data packets, meaning that the voice service always receives the necessary amount of traffic.

This exclusive prioritization always ensures a clear connection between you and your customers.


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