Pivot goes off the air Oct. 31

A programming note: On Oct. 31, Pivot will go off the air. The network is being shut down by its parent company, Participant Media. Check our channel lineups to find out if you have Pivot in your area — and… (Continue Reading)


What’s up with my Wi-Fi?

Wireless internet lets you watch or browse from anywhere…as long as your Wi-Fi network works well. Because Wi-Fi depends on radio waves from your wireless modem, anything that or blocks or interferes with those waves could mean trouble for your… (Continue Reading)

Big Give 3

TDS gives big to Holloman’s Big Give

What is one way to make a really big impact on a single community? You help sponsor the ninth annual Big Give competition, just like TDS did. Yes, a competition—but a really unique one. People from Holloman Air Force Base… (Continue Reading)