Food banks ensure no one goes to bed hungry

A food bank is an essential non-profit organization that collects and distributes food to hunger relief charities. These food bank charities do everything they can to ensure no one in their community goes to bed hungry.

Senior Manager of Field Marketing Brenda Cody knows the crucial role food banks play in communities, and she’s incredibly grateful for the selflessness her team members display on a regular basis.

“With the increase in food insecurities the past few years, local food drives and banks are becoming more important than ever,” Brenda said. “I’d like to give a sincere thank you to all our associates who volunteer in their local communities to help battle hunger.”

Many of TDS’ fantastic field marketers play massive roles in supporting their communities’ local food banks. This July, over 120 golfers in Southern Utah (including many TDS associates) helped raise $20,000 and 500 pounds of food for the Utah Food Bank through their participation in a charity golf event called the Mayor’s Cup. This tournament, held at Green Spring Golf Course in Washington City, Utah was organized by two TDS associates in the St. George/Washington City area—Senior Administrator of Field Marketing Wendi Bulkley and Associate Manager of Field Marketing Tyler Hunsaker.

With the help of former Washington City Mayor Ken Nielson, Wendi started the annual Mayor’s Cup 11 years ago. Today, Wendi still serves as Chair of the Mayor’s Cup.

“Our TDS associates love serving the residents of Washington County, and we actively participate in the need to reach families who are food insecure,” Wendi said. “Service is such a great way to increase morale and happiness in the workplace, and it’s truly humbling to partner with the Utah Food Bank.”

In years past, the annual event primarily focused on economic connections between local businesses. Recognizing the need to support Washington City’s food insecure residents, Washington City Rotary Chair Tyler Hunsaker and Washington City Mayor Kress Staheli decided to put more of an emphasis on charity for the Utah Food Bank this year. The results were outstanding, and truly made a difference in the community.

“There is a need in Washington County for food, and I’m so grateful that TDS allows each associate to donate four hours each quarter at a charity of our choice,” Tyler said. “I also enjoy spending my time at Utah Food Bank’s Mobile School Pantry, handing out boxes of food to individuals in need with no questions asked. The smiles and good feelings that you receive in return are just awesome.”

Check out this link to learn more about the amazing contributions of Wendi, Tyler, and countless other selfless TDS associates in Southern Utah!



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