Get better Wi-Fi coverage with Wi-Fi+

With millions of people sheltering in their homes and limiting in-person social interaction, reliable internet and Wi-Fi connections have become more important than ever.

The new TDS Wi-Fi+ service, available to most residential internet customers, provides a strong Wi-Fi signal on all connected devices. Using mesh network technology from eero, TDS Wi-Fi+ minimizes dead zones, slow spots, and buffering by broadcasting wireless internet signals from multiple points in a home, rather than a single location.

“With Wi-Fi+ you can stream, work, and play throughout your house,” said Julie Maiers, vice president of Marketing and Product Development. “The technology blankets the whole home with a strong Wi-Fi signal, so you have a reliable connection and great internet experience.”

TDS Wi-Fi+ is collaborating with eero to deliver their intelligent whole-home Wi-Fi service. The technology uses machine learning to optimize the Wi-Fi signal and route network traffic efficiently. This ensures a strong signal and expansive coverage.

“We’re excited to work with TDS to deliver powerful, whole-home Wi-Fi,” said Nick Weaver, Co-Founder and CEO of eero. “Our mission at eero is to make the technology in homes just work. eero not only blankets homes in fast and reliable mesh Wi-Fi, it’s also incredibly simple to use. Customers love it, and we’re thrilled to bring the eero experience into even more homes with TDS.”

A variety of control features are also included with the service. Using the eero mobile app, customers can see which devices are connected to their network, block any suspicious or unknown devices, and view data usage in real time.

“Getting your kids to put down their devices at the dinner table or at bedtime is as easy as pressing a button,” says Maiers. “With the app, parents can create user profiles and instantly pause internet access or create custom time schedules.”

The service, which will be fully supported by TDS, is being offered for a $12.95 monthly fee without any up-front equipment costs. TDS Wi-Fi+ includes one eero Base Station access point, and one eero Beacon to extend the network range to cover a home up to 3,750 square feet. If needed, additional Beacons are available for a monthly fee. The Beacons plug into standard wall outlets. Customers can bundle TDS Wi-Fi+ with other safety and security services for additional savings.

WI-FI+ is available in all of our TDS Cable markets. Some restrictions apply. Please call for details at 855-301-7470 or go to

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