Archive | February, 2022

Programming Notice

Fox Network discontinuing Fox Life

As of March 31, the Fox Network has decided to no longer offer Fox Life. Fox Life was on Channel 629 in the following communities: Colorado: Arvada, Estes Park, Fort Carson, Fort Collins, and Woodland Park. Nevada: Mesquite New Mexico:… (Continue Reading)

Phishing scam

Phishing alert from TDS

Phishing alert! Our fraud team is reporting a new round of phishing emails. Remember: always think twice about account threats, don’t click links, and make sure the “from” email address matches the sender name. If you clicked the link and… (Continue Reading)

Programming Notice

Mesquite City Channel not available

Channel 12, the Mesquite Local Access Channel, is currently not available. For more information on how to view city programs please download the app from the city of Mesquite, it’s available for iOS or Android devices at  … (Continue Reading)