Phishing alert from TDS

Phishing alert! Our fraud team is reporting a new round of phishing emails. Remember: always think twice about account threats, don’t click links, and make sure the “from” email address matches the sender name. If you clicked the link and provided information, please change your password immediately. TDS will never ask you to verify or solicit personal information via email.


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  1. Judy Thompson April 21, 2022 at 10:36 pm #

    we’ve been getting what appear to be threats to discontinue service if we DO NOT comply with this and that and the other for over two months. The latest came this week, and it suggests that if we don’t respond by April 22 they are going to cut us off…the amount of information they ask for is suspicious, and I refuse to click on any link at all. If there is any reality in this, I would appreciate knowing.

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