6 benefits of keeping your landline

If your phone isn’t in your pocket right now, you’re probably using it to read this article. If not, it’s charging on the kitchen counter. Am I right? Nearly everyone has a mobile phone today, so is the landline you’ve had since 2004 still necessary? Although it seems like your web-surfing, picture-taking, Amazon-shopping smart phone does it all, there are benefits to keeping your landline. Here are six great reasons why you shouldn’t be so quick to cut the cord.

Landlines make emergencies easier. When you use a landline to dial 911, your address is automatically sent to emergency responders. GPS systems in mobile phones are improving, but can still struggle to provide an exact location, especially if you live in an apartment complex. If you are unable to give the 911 dispatcher your address for any reason, a landline takes care of it for you. One less worry in the middle of a crisis could mean everything.

They provide a more reliable connection. Do you wander as you talk on your mobile phone and notice that the quality of reception varies depending on the room? You can carry your cordless home phone to any room of the house and still get great reception at the highest quality. With landlines, you can worry less about dropped calls and there is no need to stand on a chair in the bathroom for good service.

Your home security system depends on your landline. Many home security systems depend on landlines. If the need arises, the system uses the landline connection to contact authorities. While you can replace your security system with a newer system connected to a mobile phone, this upgrade may be more costly and inconvenient than just keeping the landline.

They are perfect for kids to use. A landline is easy and simple. You can teach your kids how to use the phone and be polite on calls without buying them their own cell phone. And if they ever need to call 911, the home phone is right there. Plus, your children can give their friends the number to the home phone instead of your personal mobile phone!

Pesky spam calls don’t have to be a problem anymore. TDS uses Robocall Blocking technology to identify spam callers and prevent them from accessing your line. This feature is free on nearly all phone lines through TDS, so when your phone rings, you can be confident it’s legitimate.

With a landline, you always have a backup plan. If your phone dies, your landline holds strong. If you misplace or damage your phone, your landline is still usable. It’s really that simple.

By Hannah Drewieck, TDS Communications Intern

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    Very interesting and good reasons to keep a landline.

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