A home phone may be your lifeline in an emergency

In an emergency, seconds matter.

That’s why it’s good to have home phone service, even in today’s mobile world.

Rescue crews can quickly find the address of a person calling 911 from a phone associated with a fixed location. The same is not always true with cell phones.

As a leading Internet, TV and phone service provider, TDS® knows people depend on our products. We work hard to make them reliable.

What to teach your kids about 911:

  • Make sure they know when it’s appropriate to call 911, and when it’s not.
  • Test them with questions such as, “Would you call 911 if someone was trying to break into our house?”
  • Tell them in some cases–such as a fire–they should get out of the house before calling 911.
  • Ensure they know what to tell the operator, including where they are and what’s happening.
  • Tell them not to hang up until the operator says it’s okay.

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By Tim Damos


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