As prices rise, keep an eye out for scammers

With the cost of groceries, housing, and many other things rising, you might be looking for ways to cut costs. You aren’t alone. Across the country, people are worried about high prices impacting their budgets. And scammers are taking notice.

Scammers may zero in on your anxiety over money in several ways. They might say they’re from the government and giving away grant money for home repairs or unpaid bills. Or they have an investment that’s guaranteed to deliver quick and high returns. Or they know of a high-paying job that’s yours as soon as you pay a fee or give them your personal information.

To spot and avoid these types of scams, here are some things to remember:

  • The government won’t get in touch out of the blue about grants. It won’t call, text, reach out through social media, or email you. In fact, real government grants require an application, are completely free to apply for, and are always for a specific purpose.
  • All investments have risks. No one can guarantee a specific amount of return on an investment, or that an investment will be successful.
  • Honest employers won’t ask you to pay to get a job. If someone claims you can make a lot of money in a short time with little effort — you just need to pay for starter kits, “training,” or certifications — that’s a scam.

If you come across any of these, or other scams, report it to the FTC at Find resources to help you manage your money at

By Kira Krown, FTC 


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