Bundle Wi-Fi+, Internet Security, PC Support and save big

With people sheltering and working at home, a secure and reliable internet is more important than ever.

Enjoy smarter whole-home Wi-Fi experience with TDS® Wi-Fi+. The new TDS Wi-Fi+ service, available to most residential internet customers, provides a strong Wi-Fi signal on all connected devices. Using mesh network technology from eero, TDS Wi-Fi+ minimizes dead zones, slow downloads, and buffering by broadcasting wireless internet signals from multiple points in a home, rather than a single location.

Plus, you can save more by bundling TDS Wi-Fi+ with TDS Internet Security and Remote PC Support.

With TDS Internet Security you will keep your online devices safe and protect information like usernames, passwords, and payment information. It will also  lessen these risks that your computers, mobile phones, and tablets are exposed to:

  • Viruses, worms, and Trojans
  • Spyware, adware
  • Spam and junk mail
  • Malware and ransomware

And allows you to:  manage devices remotely, schedule internet time for the children, and safeguard online financial transactions.

In addition, you will have a secure computer performance, increased privacy, automatic updates, and parental controls.

Now that we are using our computers more at home, Remote PC Support will keep your computer running at its best. When updates or optimization is needed, Remote PC Support provides the technical expertise you need and makes sure your computer is working at its optimal performance. And, there’s no need to lug your computer to the store, and wait for it to be repaired!

TDS is collaborating with eero to deliver their intelligent whole-home Wi-Fi service. The technology uses machine learning to optimize the Wi-Fi signal and route network traffic efficiently. This ensures a strong signal and expansive coverage.

Using the eero mobile app, customers can also see which devices are connected to their network, block any suspicious or unknown devices, view data usage in real time, and test your internet speed in real time.

Wi-Fi+ is fully supported by TDS for only $12.95 a month without any up-front equipment costs. TDS Wi-Fi+ includes one eero Base Station access point, and one eero Beacon to extend the network range to cover a home up to 3,750 square feet.

Provide internet security for your home and order the TDS Wi-Fi+ Security Pack today! With Wi-Fi+, never worry about Wi-Fi again. Call today for details at 855-301-7470 or go to 

Internet Security is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows- and Mac-supported devices. WI-FI+ is available in all TDS Cable markets. Some restrictions apply.

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