Business Phone Basics

Email. Chat. Social media. Video conferencing. The Information Age has given us so many innovative and exciting ways to communicate that many of us overlook one of the greatest tools out there: the phone. The humble phone remains one of the easiest, most effective ways to reach out (and grow your business). And you may be surprised by how high tech it has become.

Digital Voice

Think a land line is old fashioned? Think again. Business phone systems (like, unashamedly, ours) are purely digital. They send voice signals over high-speed fiber and cable connections. That means you can do some very clever things with your calls. Keep reading to find out what.

  • Voicemail – Fast, easy digital voicemail that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. With digital voice, you can even listen to your messages online or even via email.
  • Call forwarding – Digital voice can instantly and automatically transfer calls to you cell. That means clients/workmates only have to call one number to reach you.
  • Simultaneous ring – This simple, yet amazing feature rings multiple phones at once, at your will. Set the system to ring your office, home and cell simultaneously during work hours.
  • Cloned phones – Modern phone systems can make your cell phone look like your office phone. Not physically, but numerically. Check a box on an online control panel and calls you place from your cell will look like they’re coming from your office phone. Take your office with you.
  • Auto Attendant – If you have big office with multiple departments and workers, an auto attendant can be a life saver. Sure, people may hate them, but they work and they’re efficient. With digital phone systems, setting up an auto attendant is quick and easy.
  • Online management – With digital phone systems, you can manage all of it online quickly and easily.

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