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The Best of CES 2023

Looking back at CES 2023, what’s left is a host of new technological innovations. While this year’s exhibitors ranged from big names like LG to small startups, these gadgets could become the next big-ticket item or never make it past… (Continue Reading)


Meet Youth Soccer Coach Nathan Johnson

Meet TDS’ Nathan Johnson, Manager of Field Services.  Professional life: Nathan Johnson started working as a field services technician and is now a manager of Field Services. He has worked for TDS for eight years. Hometown: Nathan has lived in… (Continue Reading)


The gift of privacy for Fortnite players

Did you just read about the FTC’s settlement with Epic Games related to in-game charges in Fortnite resulting in $245 million in refunds for some parents and players? Well, there’s a Part 2: the FTC has reached another settlement with… (Continue Reading)