Cotton, Peanuts and Oil: backbone of Seminole, Texas

The land that would become Seminole, Texas was donated in order to become the county seat for Gaines County. The town consisted of a general store, courthouse, and a bank. By 1914, it was home to 300 residents and had telephone service.

Fast-forward to 2012, and it’s the 39th fastest growing county in the United States.

Seminole is the top oil, peanut, and cotton-producing county in Texas. Annually, Seminole produces more than 300,000 bales of cotton, 100,000 tons of peanuts, and 24,000,000 barrels of oil.

“It’s a small, tight-knit community with a ton of diversity. Due to the industries in the area, meeting people from all over the country is quite common,” said Daniel Holmes, broadband technician II. “Here in Seminole, I’m really able to get to know the customers and develop some great relationships.”

The Gaines County Museum, located in Seminole, houses exhibits that represent the history of five cultures important to the area: Comanche, Ranching and Farming early pioneers (Anglos), Hispanics, Black Americans, and the German-speaking community (Mennonites). Many of its displays include equipment used by early pioneers in Texas. Visitors can also learn the history of the 1935 oil field discovery, an important resource to the area’s economy.

Every third Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each month, Seminole holds the Seminole Trade Days. Vendors set up shop to sell hand-crafted jewelry, antiques, metal and woodwork, and food. It’s a flea market-like setting with a traditional Texas twist.

Larry Gatlin, Tanya Tucker, Mary Ann Almager, and Paul Patterson were all born in Seminole. Gatlin and Tucker are both country music singers. Almager, nicknamed “Gorgeous,” is a world champion professional female boxer. Patterson, a writer and educator, is most well-known for mentoring Western writer Elmer Kelton.

TDS has about 7,000 customers in Seminole. In the state of Texas, TDS has 15 employees and paid $1.4 million in taxes in 2016.

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