Don’t stress over Halloween costumes with these 7 DIY ideas

Don’t get spooked by the Halloween costume frenzy!

Coming up with ideas, shopping for the perfect accessories, and finally getting ready are all part of the fun of dressing up on Halloween—unless they aren’t. Not a Halloween fan? Didn’t have time or energy to come up with a great costume? No fear. Below are seven easy and fast DIY costume ideas that guarantee you won’t hear the question, “What are you supposed to be?”

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With the popularity of Incredibles 2, Edna Mode is a fun character to bring back this Halloween. Any assortment of black clothing items will do – black shirt and pants, black dress, or a black shirt and skirt. Don’t forget her signature glasses and red neck tie accessory (but no capes!).


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Due to its almost cult-like following, everyone will know who you are if you dress as Rick or Morty. To dress as Rick, all you need is a light blue shirt and a white lab coat. Even easier is Morty – blue jeans and a yellow short-sleeve shirt. 


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Eleven is one of the most iconic characters to ever come out of Netflix. This Halloween, channel your inner Eleven spirit by carrying around some Eggo waffles. Whether you shave your head or not, your costume will be recognizable. Pink dress, knee-high socks, blue jacket and a box of Eggos and you can start dismantling the Upside Down too. Bonus points if you add fake blood dripping from your nose. Eleven and the rest of the Stranger Things gang make a great group or partner costume idea too – pick from Mike, Will, Dustin or Hopper to add to the fun.

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Snapchat and its filters don’t look like they are going away soon so embrace them this holiday with these great ideas from Good Housekeeping. Dog filters, rainbow unicorns, deer, flower crowns and more are all simple DIY’s with a few props and swipes of a makeup brush. Props can be made out of colored construction paper or fake flowers and makeup and can be as simple as a little deer nose.


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Whether you love it or hate it, avocados or avocado toast is a topical Halloween costume that is sure to make people talk. In order to dress as the official food of the Millennials, you’ll need a green shirt and a brown marker or fabric to draw/create the pit. Or, make a human sized avocado out of cardboard and cut a hole for your face.

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Another timely Halloween costume is dressing up as a can of La Croix. To ensure everyone knows that you are the new fizzy beverage taking over the world by storm, paint or tie dye materials and a t-
shirt are all that’s needed.  Multiple flavors mean this costume is great for a group.


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Though there are many Fortnite “skins” or characters to choose from, each one can be easily replicated from clothes you might already own. Cargo shorts or pants, khakis, bandanas, wide brim hats, and camo shirts or pants should help you complete the look.

Halloween fanatic or not, these simple costumes will help make this year’s holiday less haunting.


By Sidney Kelly, Communications Intern



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