Energize your entertainment experience with TDS

Enjoy the internet the way it was meant to be enjoyed — fast.

TDS is committed to providing customers and business with an excellent connection that is both fast and affordable. TDS has invested millions and continues to upgrade the network, and has developed more products which offer our customers a variety of choices at reasonable prices.

TDS has invested millions of dollars our cable markets we will continue to make those investments to ensure we’re bringing customers the service and speed they need for today and tomorrow

These faster speeds will provide more bandwidth, and more bandwidth is essential to keeping up with the growing demand of your everyday Internet needs.

Some of the biggest “bandwidth eaters” include:

• Streaming HD and 4K video
• Gaming
• Video chatting
• Downloading/uploading large files

For our residential customers, starting speed packages kick off at 100Mbps with speeds up to 600Mbps. Coming soon, Docsis 3.1 and speeds up to 1Gig.

For our business customers, packages start at 50Mbps.

TDS is your reliable internet provider that is committed to keeping the local community connected. TDS will continue to be innovative and invest in better services. 

TDS is the leading internet provider in your area, and provides affordable cable TV packages in high definition and premium programming, and TDS also offers feature-rich phone plans that are affordable and secure, something only landline phones can provide.

You can learn more about bringing TDS high-speed Internet to your home at

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