Equip your business for hybrid work today!

There’s no denying that today’s work environment has shifted considerably.

Over the past few years, most desk-based employees have experienced two extremes—going from a strictly in-office schedule to an abrupt switch to remote work.

Most employees want to keep working remotely, at least some of the time, and 74% of employers now offer hybrid work arrangements. It’s clear that a combination of in-person and remote work will be the norm going forward.

The hybrid model is a working arrangement that allows flexibility regarding the physical location from where people work. While the hybrid model includes a level of flexibility for commuting employees, many employers are requiring their employees to report back to the office a couple days each week.

So, what do these trends mean for your business? As you look to create a hybrid workplace that supports employee flexibility, here are some options to ensure strong employee performance and productivity in the office and at home.

Invest in a strong network

Hybrid work has made the need for a strong core business network more important than ever. That’s because bandwidth demands by employees have increased drastically due to the use of VPNs, remoting into the network, and frequent video conferencing.

One way to ensure your business network can handle this bandwidth is by investing in Dedicated Fiber Access (DFA). DFA is a non-shared network, meaning your business is not vying for a finite amount of bandwidth with other businesses and homes in your neighborhood. Our service level agreements guarantee your business always has the speed and bandwidth requires to function at its best.

If you need to improve your core network but can’t make the jump to DFA, TDS has other options to fit your needs. Check out this resource to help determine the right solution for your business.

Speed and bandwidth are also important considerations on the residential side for remote workers. TDS offers speeds up to 100Mbps with 15Mbps upload, which provides the speed and bandwidth most people need to stay productive. If your employees have stronger data needs, we also offer speeds up to 2Gig symmetrical!

Adopt a VoIP system

A VoIP phone solution can greatly improve hybrid employee productivity. These comprehensive communication solutions feature an internet, phone, and mobile application suite designed to improve employee mobility and efficiency.

No matter your business’ size or demands, TDS has a solution. Across our three VoIP phone solutions—Total Talk, managedIP Hosted, and managedIP Trunking—TDS has over 50 advanced calling features. Here are some of the highlights for remote work:

Work from anywhere

Remote Office: Turn your cell phone or device into your office phone to make and receive calls from anywhere.

Softphone: Transform your computer or tablet into your desk phone with high-definition audio capabilities and video calling.

Remote Teleworker: Give your work-at-home or small branch employees full access to the in-office managedIP system.

Call Pull: Easily move an active call from your desk phone to your cell phone with no disruption.

Improve Collaboration

Desktop share: Be on the same page as your employees by sharing your screen.

Instant Messaging: Stay connected with real-time chats, group chats, and file transfers.

Virtual collaboration Room: Host on-the-fly conferences with up to 125 people anytime, anywhere.

Never miss an important call again

Call notification: Receive email alerts when predefined calls a re being received.

Shared Call Appearance/Simultaneous Ring/Sequential Ring: Depending on the size and needs of your business, choose from a variety of flexible call handling options.

*To review our TDS’ list of advanced calling features, click here.

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