Finding Your Roots on Ancestor Appreciation Day

Each generation of every family has unique personalities and even some characters. Today is Ancestor Appreciation Day which was established to bring awareness and appreciation for previous generations. It’s a great day to ask questions of your living relatives and learn more about previous generations.

The internet is a great place to research genealogy where you can create a detailed family tree through the information discovered on genealogy websites. Services such as AncestryMy Heritage, and Find My Past are a few of the many online services offering paid options (sometimes with a free trial) for those who are interested in learning more about their families. 

Clear your calendars on Tuesday nights (7/8 p.m., CT) and watch PBS’ Finding Your Roots. This one-hour show mixes cutting-edge DNA research and old-school genealogical investigation. It’s hosted by renowned scholar Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who unearths lost ancestors on this eye-opening hour of television.

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