Hallmark Countdown to Christmas bingo 2022

‘Tis the season for Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas! Yup, it’s true (even if you’re reading this blog before Halloween or Thanksgiving).

The Hallmark Channel is starting holiday movies on Oct. 21 with new offerings every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before Christmas (here’s the schedule)—but wait, there’s more! Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has their own lineup of new holiday movies they’re calling the Miracles of Christmas that will air every Saturday night. Note: these are on a little later (10/9 CT) which means you can catch the new one on Hallmark Channel AND the new one on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries every week.

Do you know what goes great with all of these movies? Bingo!

Whether you can’t wait to watch them all, or absolutely love to mock these bits of cinematic happiness (or saccharine, depending on your view), Hallmark Movie bingo is fun for everyone. All ages can play at any time (maybe just print them off and have them by the TV?) and if you’re having a party, you can even make it a drinking game (not that we’re encouraging that, but we’re just sayin’ 😊).

We’ve been making these cards for many years now, and this author likes to think they get a little more refined with every iteration. Here’s what’s new on the cards this year:

  • Barn. Whether a barn ends up being the spot to find a Christmas market, live reindeer, Christmas trees, or a party, there are way more barns in Hallmark reality than in most people’s real life.
  • Makes career change. Frequently the protagonist starts the movie with one career, but because what transpires during their Christmas adventure, decides to change their job path by the end.
  • Meet cute. This is almost a free space when it’s on your card. When the protagonists didn’t know each other in the past (and sometimes even if they do), they often meet by spilling drinks on one another or some other funny accident that’s adorable.
  • Star is from a soap opera. Many of the Hallmark actors and actresses got their start on soap operas. Ryan Peavey, Alison Sweeney, Cameron Mathison, Jen Lilley, Trevor Donovan, Lacy Chabert (also counts as former child star, btw), Jonathan Bennett, Natalie Hall—just to name a handful. Hot tip: IMDB may be your friend if you’re not a soap watcher.
  • Gets a phone call/sends a text. Characters in Hallmark movies are just like us! They get lots of calls and stay in contact with their peeps via text.
  • Wears pajamas. You’ll often spot Hallmark stars sporting pajamas (and sometimes even matching holiday ones).
  • Shares Christmas memory. There’s always someone waxing on about their childhood Christmases, amiright?
  • Town mayor. It’s funny how often a town mayor shows up in Hallmarkland—certainly way more often than happens for most of us in real life.
  • Injured co-star. Frequently the protagonist must jump in and help an injured family member (but if you also want to include ice skating or sledding falls, we’re not going to stop you).

Along with these new options, you’ll still find other Hallmark bingo classics such as: competition, near miss kiss, wears fancy dress, scene in a coffee shop (or car), Christmas grinch/hates Christmas, fake snow, real snow, snowstorm, demanding/mean boss, snowballs/snowman/snow angels, musical montage, ends with a kiss, trees with leaves, financial crisis, plus so many more common tropes or visual elements.

For 2022 you get 10 new cards (each with numbers in the lower right corner), but don’t stop here. Be sure to also check out cards from:

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