Fun costume ideas to get you in the spirit of Halloween

The spooky season is upon us and it’s time to get creative and conjure up your best Halloween costume. Whether you’re spending the holiday at a costume party with friends or trick-or-treating with the kids, a fun costume is the best way to get into the spooky spirit.

With new trends popping up every day, it can be hard to think of a costume that’s original but won’t break the bank. Let’s explore a few costume categories that might help you brainstorm something that’ll make you look and feel your best.

Family Fun

If you’re making the neighborhood trick-or-treating rounds, try these costumes and have fun with the whole family.

  1. The Addams Family: With the new series “Wednesday” out on Netflix this November, stay ahead of the curve and pay homage to the Tim Burton classic!
  2. Top Gun: Feeling the need for speed? Stock up on some flight suits, grab a pair of aviators, and create your own call signs to be the coolest family on the block.
  3. Scooby-Doo: Perfect for a family of five, this costume will have you ready to search for clues and solve some mysteries all night long.

Couples Costumes

  1. Squid Game: Folks are still talking about this popular Netflix series, and it couldn’t be an easier costume. Grab some jumpsuits and dress up as a guard and a player with your partner!
  2. Danny & Sandy: Tell me about it, stud; You and your partner will be the coolest on the block with these Grease inspired costumes. All you need are leather jackets, red lipstick, and a whole lot of hair gel.
  3. Clowns: Inspired by Pennywise from IT, create your own version of a creepy clown if you want to give your friends a fright. You can go as creepy or as classic as you wish, but don’t forget the red nose to finish the look.

Dynamic Duos

  1. Clueless: Grab your friend and your best blazer to dress up at Cher and Dionne from Clueless. Pull out your best 90s phrases and you’ll be the most popular partygoers!
  2. Grey’s Anatomy: Pick any of your favorite characters and bring them to life with a set of blue scrubs and a white lab coat.
  3. Mario & Luigi: Who isn’t familiar with this Nintendo classic? With a pair of overalls, a red or green shirt, and a fake mustache you can easily transform into this popular video game duo.

The Best Things Come in Threes

  1. Monsters Inc: You can buy a complete Disney costume or easily DIY to become Sully, Mike, and Boo for the perfect night with friends or family.
  2. Harry Potter: Expecto Patronum! Channel your inner wizard with a robe, wand, and a few friends to transform into Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
  3. Donna & The Dynamos: Time to pick your favorite Abba song. If you’re a Mamma Mia fan, you’ll want to pull out your best glitter pants and grab a mic for a disco-tastic night.

Fun with Furry Friends

  1. Wizard of Oz: We’re not in Kansas anymore. If your pup is coming along for the night, dress up as Dorothy with some red slippers and be sure to have a basket for Toto!
  2. Star Wars: With your furry friend as Chewbacca, you can be Princess Leia or Han Solo to make the perfect duo from a galaxy far, far away.
  3. Legally Blonde: What, like it’s hard? Deck yourself out in pink and carry around some law textbooks but be sure to have Bruiser by your side all night long.

 By Celia Reid, TDS Communications Intern

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