Haunted areas in Colorado

Halloween is this weekend and what better way to celebrate than learning about some haunted areas in and around TDS communities.

Cheesman Park
Denver, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park isn’t the only haunted TDS territory in Colorado. A 20-minute drive from Arvada, Cheesman Park is one of the most delightful areas in Denver during the daytime—a fantastic spot for enjoying the fresh air. However, Cheesman Park is situated on top of a cemetery known as Mount Prospect Graveyard.

In 2010, workers were digging channels for the park’s irrigation system when they came across four human skeletons from the abandoned graveyard. Many people who have visited the park at night have reported frightening and ghostly experiences, including apparitions walking the park.

Haunted Areas (Highlands Ranch Mansion).jpgHighlands Ranch Mansion
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 

Tucked behind some wealthy neighborhoods in suburban Highlands Ranch, Colorado, lies the century-old structure known as Highlands Ranch Mansion. Today, you can rent the mansion for special occasions like weddings and corporate events, but the storied structure has an interesting past. Between the early 1900s and mid1970s, the estate was home to a series of families, and some people report seeing apparitions of their deceased members. This includes Julia, the daughter of owner Frank Kistler, in her upstairs bedroom and lurking in the hallways. The mansion has been subject to paranormal investigations and numerous ghost tours.

By Garrett Seymour, TDS Communications Intern

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