HBO/Cinemax Free Preview Coming Sept. 6-10

Looking for something new to watch? TDS TV customers are in luck! HBO/Cinemax are teaming up once again for another free preview, Sept. 6-10. Now’s the chance to rewatch your favorite classics or find a new show to binge.

Whenever or wherever you watch TV, HBO and Cinemax have something entertaining to offer. Read below for 10 top picks to watch during the preview:

  1. Industry. This British-American television drama follows young, ambitious graduates as they try to earn their way into the financial world. Following the aftermath of the 2008 collapse, competition is fierce for a permanent position at a leading bank in London.
  2. House of the Dragon. For Game of Thrones superfans, this series is perfect for you. Streaming August 21st, this prequel series is based on George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood.” Set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, it explores the origins of House Targaryen and chronicles the beginning of the end of their domination.
  3. Curb Your Enthusiasm. In need of a laugh? Watch the newest season of comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David stars as Larry David and we follow him around at home, at work and around town, as he finds himself in various predicaments with real-life friends and complete strangers.
  4. Jett. Thief Daisy “Jett” Kowalski is fresh out of prison and immediately forced back into her old ways. But this time, a dangerous assortment of criminals are determined to exploit her skills and experiences for their own gain.
  5. The Knick. Set In 1900s downtown New York, this drama series follows the Knickerbocker Hospital and its courageous collection of surgeons and nurses who made a mark in the name of modern medicine. With a brilliant lead surgeon who is secretly addicted to cocaine, the team of doctors do what they can in an age of high mortality and zero antibiotics.
  6. Quarry. Marine Mac Conway returns home from Vietnam in 1972 and instead of being welcomed home, he finds himself disgraced and demonized by those he loves. Unable to cope with his experiences at war, Conway falls into a world of crime and corruption.
  7. Righteous Gemstones. Go into the world of the famously dysfunctional family of televangelists, The Gemstones. They have built their empire on greed, deviance, and charitable work, and this second season finds them threatened by outside sources and brings a whole lot of conflict.
  8. How To with John Wilson. This docuseries gives tutorials on life whilst virtually taking you through the streets of New York. Self-described “anxious New Yorker” John Wilson films the lives of fellow New Yorkers while attempting to give life advice on a variety of relatable topics.
  9. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Welcome back to the town of Millwood, where an unlikely group of teenage girls find themselves tormented by an unknown assailant. With the town still reeling from tragedies 20 years prior, this new group of Little Liars must deal with the sins of their parents, as well as their own.
  10. Irma Vep. American movie star Mira (Alicia Vikander) travels to France after a recent breakup and career struggles. As she stars in the remake of the French classic Les Vampires, Mira struggles to separate herself from the life of her character, dancing between the lines of fiction and reality.

The fun doesn’t have to stop there. When you subscribe with TDS, you’ll gain access to HBO Max and Cinemax Go. Download the app on your devices (including your TDS TV+ set-top box) and authenticate using your TDS credentials. Along with your channel lineup, this subscription allows you to stream all your favorite shows.

To keep watching at home or on the go, call or go online to order before the free preview ends. Give us a call 855-301-7470 to order these channels.

Check your channel guide for where you can view HBO and Cinemax programming.

By Celia Reid, TDS Communications Intern

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