Healthy living tips to achieve a better life

The journey to Achieving a Better Life starts with that first step. Whether it’s reducing the amount of sugar we eat each day, walking an additional 10 minutes a day, or figuring out how to reduce our stress levels, there are many ways to improve our health.

TDS recently held a Wellness Fair for its employees. Several vendors provided some great tips on how to live a healthier life. Check out these suggestions:

Rethink Your Drink
Quench your thirst without the sugar. The average person eats almost 79 pounds of sugar a year. Sugary drinks are the single biggest source. For some, beverages of soda, fruit drinks, and sport and energy drinks account for half of the sugar they consume each day.

Instead of sugary drinks, try adding a slice of orange, lemon or cucumber to your water for a boost of flavor.

Massage Therapy
Did you know that 75% of doctor visits are for stress related problems? Even a 10-minute massage can improve blood flow, boost your energy, help injury-proof the body, soothes anxiety and depression, and counteracts the imbalance of prolonged periods of sitting.

Licensed massage therapists provided a fantastic stress reliever for TDS staff. The massages focused on back, shoulder, and neck areas.

Essential Oils
Essential Oils come from highly-concentrated natural oils in plants. There are many Essential Oils and each one has its own health benefit. There are three ways individuals can use the oils – internally, including drops in your water or in your food; topically by massaging into your skin; or through aromatherapy by inhaling it.

For example, Lavender Oil helps alleviate stress, anxiety; Peppermint Oil helps with digestive support and curbs cravings when taken internally; and Frankincense Oil is great for skin support and promotes a calm, relaxing environment.

American Heart Association
The American Heart Association provided tips to create a lasting change in your health and life including:

  • Eat smart and control your portions.
  • Add color to your diet with fruits and vegetables.
  • Move more with a starting goal of 150 minutes a week.
  • Be well by getting enough sleep, manage your stress and practice mindfulness.

Making healthy choices during any decade of life increases the chances of staying healthy as you age.

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