Stay safe when biking and when shopping online

Riding a bike or a motorcycle is a lot fun, but accidents happen.  Wearing a helmet consistently reduces the risk of injury, whether you’re a kid on a bicycle or an adult on a motorcycle … like this guy.

TDS not only wants its customers to protect themselves when on the road, but when online too. Follow these six tips when cycling and six tips when surfing and shopping online.

  1. Wear a helmet and protective eyewear. A helmet can’t be 100 percent guaranteed to save your life, but it’s always going to give you better odds than going bare-headed.
  2. Be seen. Wear bright colors and reflective clothing. Also, remember a bike light for the front and back of your bike.
  3. Be alert. Never ride with headphones or an earpiece. You need to hear everything you possibly can.
  4. Always be ready to yield. Drivers should learn to share the road, but you can’t make them. What you can do is go slowly enough that you could stop or give them the right of way at a moment’s notice.
  5. Behave like a vehicle the entire time you’re on your bike. Switching back and forth between the street and sidewalk is unsafe for pedestrians, and confusing for drivers.
  6. Follow these 10 suggestions on how not to get hit by a car.

During this holiday season, remember these six tips when shopping online.

  1. Don’t get phished. With inboxes flooded with special offers right now, remember clicking on links directly from emails can be risky—it could be a phishing attempt. It’s best to go directly to the store’s website and make sure the web address begins with “https” with the lock symbol.
  2. Create unique account passwords. If you use the same password for every online account, a single data breach can unlock all of them. Create strong, unique passwords for every website when shopping.
  3. Going mobile? Use the store’s app. If the option to shop through a dedicated store app is available, that’s usually a safer bet than trying to browse and buy on the mobile version of the store’s main website.
  4. Passcode your device. Since phones or tablets are gateways to our identities, it’s important to use a passcode lock. Yes, it takes a few extra moments, but it’s well worth it if it prevents identity theft.
  5. Avoid clickbait. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful around online auction sites that are selling iPads for $50 or flat-screen televisions for $100. It’s better to stick with major retailers and known web addresses.
  6. Secure your computer. Passwords won’t help much if your computer gets infected by viruses and malware. Having anti-virus software in place before shopping is the way to go. Once installed, update it routinely whenever notifications arrive.

Have a safe, and secure, holiday season!

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