How to immediately improve your business’ customer service

It’s National Customer Service Week (Oct. 2-6), the perfect time to celebrate and recognize the hard-working professionals on the other end of the line, who serve and support customers on a daily basis.

Customer service is how a company interacts with its customers, whether through daily interactions or crisis troubleshooting. It is the support and assistance given before, during, and after the purchase of a product or service, and it’s crucial to cultivating a positive reputation.

The importance of customer service isn’t often recognized, but as the first response to a customer in need, it has a direct and meaningful impact on profitability. Quality service is key to satisfying customers and maintaining a loyal customer base.

Additionally, customer service is about creating a positive experience and building relationships by understanding specific needs and preferences, then providing personalized solutions. By proactively addressing issues and setting a precedent of exceptional customer service, it also gives a company a strong competitive advantage. Offering best-in-class customer service attaches strong values to the company’s brand, which strengthens your reputation in the market and demonstrates how much you care for the people who purchase your product or services.

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By Celia Reid, TDS Communications Intern 

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