How to use TDS TV+ to your advantage during the big game

No matter how much you really care about football, we can just about guarantee you’ll be tuning in to the big game Feb. 11 one way or another. With TDS TV®+ you can watch when and how you want.

Quick catch-up for those who don’t have our TV service yet: TDS TV+ integrates live TV and streaming apps into one device, one remote, and one input. With the Google Play store built into the box, you can download thousands of apps and seamlessly navigate between content. It also comes with a lot of features so you can personalize your watching experience such as start-over, pause, and more.

For the upcoming match-up on CBS, here’s how you can use TDS TV+ to customize your game day depending on what you want to see:

If you don’t want to miss a single play

With TDS TV+, you can set up the recording in advance to ensure you’ll be prepared for kick-off. If the game starts early or runs into overtime, you can easily add extensions on to the beginning or the end of the program. This buffer will extend your recording window, so you never have to worry about missing that game-winning play.

If you only care about the commercials

You can pre-record the game and then dive in an at least 30 minutes after the game starts fast-forward through the plays. With our full function remote, there is a 30-second skip button that allows you to quickly move from one commercial to the next. It’s backlit with tons of buttons to help you maximize your viewing experience.

If you’re only there for the halftime show

Like the commercials, the easiest way to reach the halftime performance is by recording the broadcast and fast-forwarding through the content. When you’re playing back the show, you’ll notice tick marks on the bar in fifteen- or thirty-minute increments depending on the recording length. If you start fast forwarding and then press the thirty-second skip button, it will automatically skip you to the next mark. That way, you can reach the middle of the program quickly and efficiently.

If you have kids

For the first time ever, Nickelodeon will be airing an alternate telecast of the bowl game. What makes it kid-friendly? There will be digitized on-screen fun during the game such as virtual slime, giant Yetis, SpongeBob between the goal posts, cars racing above the field, jazzy end-zone graphics, and more. If you don’t have Nickelodeon as part of your channel package, give us a call!

If you also want to watch the puppies play

Puppies playing their own game certainly has its appeal. If you’re recording the game, you can pause and switch between channels at ease. If you’re watching live, be sure to use the catch-up feature that allows you to rewind live TV up to thirty minutes on any program. Now you can watch the puppies and the people play at the same time!

If you can’t find the right channel

If you can’t remember which station CBS in your channel lineup,  use the TDS TV+ voice remote or the text search option to pull up the game directly to your screen.

Click here to learn more about TDS TV+ and choose your perfect package ahead of the big game.

Written by Celia Reid, TDS Communications Intern

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