In-home video consumption continues to grow; Parental controls available on TDS TV+ 

In-home video consumption has grown tremendously over the last few years and the cloud TV market is expected to grow from $1.2 billion in 2020 to over $4 billion by 2026.

Seeing what was on the horizon, TDS worked quickly to launch an integrated and intelligent TV service that brings live TV, On Demand, personalized recommendations, and streaming services together in one place.

“TDS TV+ makes navigating the variety of TV services much easier,” said Julie Maiers, senior vice president of Marketing, Sales and Customer Operations for TDS. “The straightforward interface is simple to use. Customers enjoy having their streaming apps, live TV, and On Demand TV all in one place, and they really appreciate no longer juggling remote controls.”

What’s also featured with TDS TV+ is parental controls. TDS TV+, allows you to set up a PIN to help make sure your family has access to only the shows you want them watch. Note: these controls are for each set-top box or TDS TV+ device which is nice if you have a TV in a space your kids don’t use.

“TDS TV+ allows customers to search, schedule, record and watch their favorite programs in one place,” said Maiers. “In addition to watching live TV on all your TDS TV+ receivers, you can record up to 10 shows and stream on up to five devices all at once, eliminating family conflicts over who gets to watch their show. TDS TV+ is an integrated and intelligent entertainment experience.”

For customers who have TDS TV+ service, it’s easier than ever to stream favorite movies and shows with the TDS TV+ app!

The app allows consumers to watch live TV and set, manage, and watch OnePass DVR recordings from a phone or tablet. Customers can now stay connected, informed, and catch favorite shows anywhere in their home, even if you’re not in front of your TV.

The TDS TV+ app is available for use on the following devices including Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Apple TV devices, Android phones & tablets, and Apple iOS–iPhone & iPads. Hot money-saving tip for those who use an Amazon Fire Stick or an AppleTV with their TV setup, customers can save on receiver rental fees by downloading the TDS TV+ app on these devices. Customers receive the same great experience with less hardware.

Customers can also catch breaking news, live sports, and other content using the streaming apps offered by the networks available in your programming package. Just log in using the username/email and password tied to your TDS account.

Customer education videos are also part of the TDS TV+ experience. They include a welcome video, how to use streaming video apps, how to record a show, and how to use OnePass which allows you to record multiple videos.

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed consumers to learn new ways to entertain themselves, with many turning to internet-based content. Advances in technology have changed the way video content is being delivered and involved the migration from traditional broadcasting platforms to digital distribution over the internet with a wide range of connected devices.

With TDS TV+, customers can catch old favorite shows and new shows all in either live TV or steaming apps. It’s entertainment made easy. To learn more about TDS TV+ go to or call 855-301-7470.


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