Keep cyber criminals at bay with Hacker Alert

TDS Telecom® is now offering an additional layer of protection on your home network with Hacker Alert from TDS. This new security tool resides on your home network analyzing internet traffic for security threats that anti-virus software may miss — threats that can lead to identity theft, cybercrime, and more.

“We’re proud to invest in our network to give customers added security for their home networks so they can browse, game, and work securely,” said Julie Maiers, vice president of Marketing and Product Development.

Because the technology is embedded in the TDS network, customers won’t need to install or upgrade their service, and it cannot be disabled by virus or malware infections on devices.

With Hacker Alert, when there is an alert, customers will be notified via email, text (SMS) or through the Hacker Alert portal, depending on their preferences. Customers will then be given step-by-step instructions for fixing the problem to protect their home networks from harm.

The Hacker Alert portal helps customers manage their notifications and take action on any suspicious activity. One subscription covers all connected devices in the home and is complementary to any anti-virus software already in place. Plus, it won’t slow down internet-connected devices.

Guard your home network and order Hacker Alert today for only $3.95 a month. No term agreement is required.  Call 1-855-301-7470 or No upgrades, no hassles, no worries, because your online safety is worth it.

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