Mountain bike trails worthy of a visit

Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned professional, mountain biking is a great way to exercise and stay in touch with nature. Mountain biking is a year-round activity with trails all across the country with varying levels of difficulty and terrain. TDS serves many communities that are surrounded by beautiful landscapes that lend themselves to outdoor activity. Below are five mountain bike trails in different TDS communities across the country that are worth a visit.

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Lake Estes Trail, Colorado

Located in Estes Park, Colorado, this trail is welcome to all mountain bikers new and experienced with its easy rating. This trail takes bikers on a 3.8 mile loop around Lake Estes. Lake Estes Trail is paved and has three spots to stop and get in a quick workout – workout suggestions are detailed on signage. For those who are more interested in the scenery, stunning views of landscape and wildlife await.

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Paradise Canyon – Scout Cave Trail, Utah

St. George, Utah is home to many beautiful sites. This includes the Paradise Canyon – Scout Cave Trail that is rated as a moderate trial. Views of unique rock formations last for miles along this trail. Scout Cave Trail is a 2.4 mile loop that connects with other trails that allow you to extend your adventure through the stunning red rocks.


NEW — Snake Hollow Bike Park, St. George, Utah 

This new scenic bike part is for all ages and skill levels. The entire park sits on about 80 acres. The park is owned by the city of St. George and located just east of Snow Canyon High School. The first phase of the Snake Hollow Bike Park covers about 25 acres making it the largest city bike park in Utah. The park is open year round. The second phase of the park has not yet been funded.


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Grindstone Lake Loop, New Mexico

Located in the Lincoln National Forest, Grindstone Lake Loop is a beautiful trail near Alamogordo, New Mexico. Grindstone Lake Loop is an option for all levels of mountain biking experience as it is rated as an easy trail. While rated as easy, there is some elevation gain, so be prepared.  The loop takes bikers through 6.7 miles of Lincoln National Forest and around Grindstone Lake for great views of the forest tops and the lake below.

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La Cueva Canyon Trail, New Mexico

La Cueva Canyon Trail is located near Carlsbad, New Mexico. It offers 4.7 miles of moderately rated trail adventures. Alongside the trail are beautiful wild flowers and views of the hills that surround you as you ride. Being so close to the town, La Cueva Canyon Trail is the perfect way to escape into nature for the afternoon.



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Cypress Creek Trail, Texas

Because of the size of Texas, there are numerous mountain biking trails across the state. Cypress Creek Trail, however, is definitely one you do not want to miss. Situated in Oak Cliff Place, Texas, the trail is comprised of technical pieces as well as flowy and fast tracks. This moderately rated trail takes you through the woods as you bike for 9.4 miles. Rated as one of the best trails in the state, Cypress Creek is family friendly and welcoming to mountain bikers of all skill levels.


By Sydney Kelly, Communications Intern

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