Nexstar Channel Negotiation Update

TDS® is taking a stand against Nexstar Media Group. We’ve said no to their demand for an unreasonable rate increase. As a result: we are currently not allowed to air programming on Nexstar-owned TV channels.

We apologize that you’re in the middle of our contract dispute. We know it’s an inconvenience for you. However, we are doing what’s in the best interest of customers—fighting to keep your rates reasonable!

Our goal is to reach a fair agreement with Nexstar. We’re actively pursuing reasonable terms, however Nexstar needs to do their part and negotiate fairly with us. Once an agreement is reached, we plan to credit you for lost programming. So, thanks for hanging in there.

Please note that answers to the most commonly asked questions about our negotiations can be found on our frequently asked questions page.

Customers Support TDS
Although there’s frustration out there, here is what we are also hearing from our customers:

·         “Hold tight! That’s an unreasonable amount of increase they’re demanding.”

·          “I’m glad TDS is saying no, then other cable providers will say no. It’s time to stop the price gouging.”

·          “Thanks for not giving into their outrageous demands. Nexstar should know it can’t take advantage of people’s wallets like that.”

Share your views about the channel takedown and our negotiations.

To hear what TDS’ President and CEO has to say about channel takedown, check out this video.





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  1. Michael January 11, 2019 at 6:06 am #

    I’m on the fence about getting tds because ABC is blacked out in my area during this dispute. However, I’m impressed with the constant updates from TDS regarding the issue. I currently have directv and no end in sight with their dispute with NBC but all they do is send you to some website that hasn’t been updated in months.

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