Reporting fraud 101: Protect your community by reporting scams

Protect yourself and your community. Tell the FTC about scams and bad business practices.

Have you or a family member or friend ever lost money to a scam? You’re not alone: last year scammers pulled in over $8 billion. But there’s a way you can help.

If you think you’ve spotted a scam, tell the FTC at to help fight fraud in your community. The FTC uses reports like yours to investigate and bring cases against fraud, scams, and bad business practices, and to spot trends and educate people about scams. To get started, go to and click on “Report Now.” You can give as much or as little detail about yourself as you’d like. After you submit a report, you’ll get steps you can take to protect yourself or try to get your money back.

Watch the video below for more information about reporting fraud — then share it with your friends and family. And the next time you spot a scam, report it at

How to Report Fraud at

The link for the YouTube version of this video is here.

By Sara Rex, Intern, Office of Public Affairs, Federal Trade Commission

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