Robocall Blocking now on TDS phone lines

Tired of getting interrupted by pesky robocalls?

TDS has added Robocall Blocking for all TDS phone customers located in our cable communities. The new feature comes at no additional charge for customers.

Robocalling is automated calling used to deliver a prerecorded message. TDS systems are now identifying high-risk “spam” callers and will stop the call from reaching customers’ lines.

“Because of this blocking, our customers can be more confident the calls they answer will be legitimate,” said Julie Maiers, vice president of Marketing and Product Development at TDS. “We’re proud to provide this added layer of security to our customers.”

The Federal Communications Commission asked the telecommunications industry to implement controls to reduce unwanted robocalls for customers. “In January 2019. Illegal ‘spam’ robocalls had become the number one complaint at the FCC, and industry groups started to produce plans and standards to block them,” said TDS’  Phil Berry, manager of Product Management.

“This initiative is important because Americans are receiving millions of unwanted phone calls, including calls that falsify caller ID information with malicious intent, resulting in billions of dollars lost to fraud, the degradation of consumer confidence in the voice network, and harm to public safety,” said TDS’ Jenni Heise, manager of Regulatory Compliance.

To report someone who is making illegal calls or transmitting inaccurate Caller ID information, visit

To opt out of FREE Robocall Blocking or if you believe you are missing legitimate calls because of Robocall Blocking, please call one of our TDS Customer Care Representatives at 1-877-422-5282.

Robocall blocking does not stop calls from legitimate fundraising organizations, political parties, or non-profit agencies that adhere to FCC guidelines. To stop receiving calls from these groups, instruct customers to place their phone number on the national Do Not Call Registry. Visit or call 1-888-382-1222.

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