Root for Kids names TDS Outstanding Business of the Year

TDS was named the Outstanding Business of the Year by Root for Kids. Not only is Root for Kids an impressive nonprofit organization that provides services for children and families in need in Southern Utah, they are also a TDS customer.

“TDS has been a really strong partner with us through the years,” said Root for Kids CEO Suzanne Leonelli. “You are there for us every day and you step up and help us during times like we are experiencing right now. Thank you for being eager to donate the internet for our annual Radiothon, bring volunteers, and come to our rescue with a generous donation when we opened the emergency childcare for first responders’ kids in April.”

TDS donated $1,000 to help Root for Kids buy necessities for their childcare emergency center.

What a great way to support our local businesses
In July, TDS partnered with two local restaurants in Alamogordo with its Golden Ticket campaign. At Pizza Patio and Our Country Kitchen — one Golden Ticket was placed in a lunch to-go bag and then later in the day one was placed in a dinner to-go bag. Customers who received the Golden Ticket had their meal paid for by TDS. The Facebook campaign received nearly 100 likes and several positive comments from residents including, “Thank you TDS for the Golden Ticket!! You paid for our breakfast at Our Country Kitchen! Awesome breakfast and it is great to feel appreciated by TDS!!”

Well done TDS!
In St. George, TDS donated a supply of snacks and drinks to the Covid-19 Testing Center, which “diligently and selflessly serves our community,” said TDS’ Brenda Cody, manager of Field Marketing. One customer said, “Well done TDS!”

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