Scams that target older Americans

During May, the Federal Trade Commission celebrates Older Americans Month, with its Pass It On fraud prevention campaign.

The FTC will take enforcement actions to protect older adults and has sued companies that tried to trick people into work-at-home and other moneymaking schemes, bogus credit card interest rate reduction offers, and health claims that aren’t supported by the necessary science. Some of those claims were related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While scammers are busy, Pass It On gives older adults and the people who work with them tools to fight those frauds. The campaign’s fact sheets explain 13 fraud topics, including grandchild and romance scams, unwanted calls, and work-at-home scams. The campaign leverages the rich experience and accumulated knowledge of older adults, and gives them information they can pass on to family and friends, starting conversations and sharing their expertise.

If you spot a scam, please tell the FTC at

By Bridget Small, Consumer Education Specialist

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